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School Education to Rural Children

Education is the only ladder for these rural children to climb out of poverty. Isha Vidhya creates a bright future for 7158 rural children in its 9 rural schools.

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We intend to empower and expand our family in the coming years.

Our Vision

To work for economical, political and socially marginalized communities for their holistic advancement and implementing customized, effective, scalable and replicable models for community development

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Respect for Human Rights , Commitment, Transparency, Integrity,
 Excellence, Compassion for all living beings.


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Give Education for Children

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GLOBAL SIKH AID is an international and nonprofit organization striving for social justice and equality in terms of education, health, Rescue and relief against disaster and availability of food for survival and basic fundamental rights of human across the world. Global Sikh Aid organization primarily works for the upliftment the lives of vulnerable, marginalized and lowest strata of socio-economic pyramid communities through relevant access to health care, quality of education, life skill training, quick respond to humanitarian Disaster and provide food to stop hunger across the countries.

  • To provide sustainable living to under privileges women, children and youth.
  • To increase educational opportunity for all across the world and to protect the human rights for equality and justice.
  • To deliver all the cost effective and efficient health care services to promote good health.

Global Sikh Aid works world-wide to empower and enable the most vulnerable, marginalized and underprivileged people across the developing countries to ensure the equality and justice.